David Cameron Thought "LOL" Meant "Lots of Love" (Just Like Your Mum)

By Sam Gibbs on at

Lots of gems have come out of the Leveson enquiry, mainly revolving around old man-Murdoch, but right now it's Rebekah Brooks in the hot seat. She's been telling us all about her textual relationship with our dear PM, Mr. David Cameron. Apparently he's not managed to get that newfangled text speak down just yet.

According to Brooks, Cameron used to end his texts to her with a "LOL," though it transpires he wasn’t exactly laughing. He evidently thought, like many of his generation, that "LOL" meant “lots of love”.

It’s OK, Mr. Prime Minister, sir; it’s an easy mistake to make when running the country. [YouTube via Huffington Post via Stuart Dredge]