Apparently This Is What the Fabled Apple HDTV Will Look Like

By Sam Gibbs on at

Take this with a massive pinch of anonymous-source-shaped salt, but according to Cult of Mac the much-rumoured Apple HDTV will look like a massive Cinema Display with a built-in beefed-up iSight camera for FaceTime from the sofa, and Siri so you can shout at it when you want to make a call.

Honestly, that's pretty much what you would expect from an Apple HDTV -- a design aesthetic to fit in with the iMac and Cinema Displays Apple currently sells. Apparently the iSight camera will feature facial recognition and a zoom that'll follow you around as you stroll about the place, or sit on your arse like a couch potato, I guess. You'll also apparently dial-up a FaceTime call using Siri, but other voice-controlled features aren't known by the nameless tipster.

We've heard quite a few rumours over the years about the famed Apple HDTV, but the closest you'll get for the time being is B&O's fancy new BeoPlay V1, which will swallow an Apple TV set-top box whole. My money is on Apple having to tie-up IPTV deals to see this through, so until it manages to secure some solid content don't hold your breath for the fabled TV revolution. In the meantime, if you simply must shout at your TV, get yourself a Kinect and an Xbox. [Cult of Mac]