Apparently, You're Not Allowed to Pay 20p or More in Coppers Alone

By Jon Partridge on at

I'm not sure if everyone is aware of the Coinage Act 1971, but due to a recent case of a disgruntled man getting into a spot of trouble for paying an £800 quid debt in coppers, I think we should all take note.

Care-home manager Robert Fitzpatrick was ordered by the court to pay his debt 'properly' and was added an extra charge of over £300 because he decided to pay entirely in 166kg worth of coppers. Apparently, according to the Royal Mint, you're not allowed to pay for things entirely in coppers, if it's over 20p's worth. 1p and 2p coins are only able to be taken if the payment is 20p or less -- any more and you'll be breaking the Coinage Act 1971, and that's not really cool. 5ps and 10ps are good for up to £5, and 20ps and 50ps are a-okay for paying up to £10. So, now you know. Who plans on paying their rent entirely in fivers, this month? [The Guardian, Daily Mail]

Image credit: Piled Rings from Shutterstock