Apple Really Was Musing Dual-Dock Connector iPads

By Sam Gibbs on at

Short of the whole iPhone 4 fiasco, Apple's pretty good at keeping things under wraps. It apparently chains prototypes to desks and locks them in military-like secure bunkers, but it seems at least one has escaped. A prototype first generation iPad equipped with two dock connector ports was just sold on eBay for £6,500.

It seems Apple was musing shoving two dock connector ports in the iPad for both landscape and portrait hook-ups. While it'd be nice to occasionally slot it into a fancy speaker dock in landscape for TV watching, I'm glad Apple just went for one in the end. Unfortunately Apple disabled the thing before it chucked it out, but the seller apparently has worked wonders re-activating it and getting as much working as possible -- it still seems a bit like a rather expensive paper weight though.

The winning bidder paid some £6,500 for the privilege of owning a bit of unreleased Apple history. Sure, I'm a geek and would love to have it just to say I own it, but I can think of so many better uses for the best part of seven-grand -- you could buy a car for that. [eBay via TUAW]