Apple's iPad "4G" Marketing Ploy Now With the UK's Advertising Watchdog

By Gary Cutlack on at

We've already seen Apple referred to Australian advertising watchdog over claims that its "new" iPad comes with 4G connectivity features that can't be used on the country's network, now it appears our Advertising Standard Authority is investigating the same case in more depth over here.

According to the BBC, our ASA is currently looking into Apple's continuing claims of high-speed data connectivity in its advertising for the latest iPad update, with the telecom watchdog said to have received "dozens" of complaints from users annoyed about Apple's rather unsporting boasts about next-gen connectivity that can't be used in the UK.

Apple has recently removed all reference to "4G" from the front page of its UK iPad web site, instead saying the new iPad is "available in models that connect to fast data networks around the world" rather than specifically mentioning 4G, but that still isn't enough of a compromise for the ASA, it would seem. [BBC]