Ask the Gizmodo UK Editors Anything You'd Like*

By Kat Hannaford on at

*Except, obviously, what we're wearing. (The answer will only bore you.) As editoress of Giz UK, I'm trying to do as the Panama Canal did in the early 1900s, and connect "our ocean" to "yours." So! For the rest of the afternoon (until Sam and I down tools and head to the pub around 5.30pm), the readers' Panama Canal is open for business in this post's comments.

Inspired by some commenters' questions yesterday about abiding by companies' embargoes, and the lack of some Giz writers' comment replies, I thought we could stage our very own version of the Reddit AMA for the rest of this afternoon. We'll try and respond to most questions (unless they're offensive, or we run out of time), so now's your chance to ask those burning questions about how Giz UK is run; how we review kit, or even how to get your foot into the revolving door of tech blogging.

We'll answer almost anything, but please don't turn my tenuous Panama Canal analogy into as tedious an exercise as building the damn thing turned out to be. That means no swearing; no fanboyism, and no tears that Matt Delito has come down with the manflu and hasn't written today's column for us.

And before you ask: Yes, Sam ALWAYS looks excited as his desk. Whereas I prefer the "exasperated" look.

Updated 5:30pm: Many thanks to all readers who took part in the first Giz UK AMA! Apologies if your question wasn't answered (though I think we should've got to everyone except maybe five of the harder questions?), or if you missed the chance to ask your burning question.

We'll run these regularly (maybe once a month, if you'd all like that?), but in the meantime, thanks again for playing so nicely, everyone.

Now, if you'll excuse me, after doing nothing but replying to comments for 4.5 hours straight, I've got a.) a lunch to eat, and b.) 4.5 hours of my normal work to catch up on. The pub will have to wait *sobs*