Assange Still in Line to be Booted Out of the UK, as Supreme Court Rejects Appeal

By Gary Cutlack on at

It's been a while since we last heard anything of the loose-lipped, silver-haired distributor of the world's secrets, as he's been embroiled in one final battle to avoid being extradited to Sweden to face sexual harassment charges. He's just lost that case.

The latest defeat in Assange's battle to stay in the UK comes via his appeal to the Supreme Court, with Assange's people questioning the technicality of whether the Swedish prosecutor who issued the original arrest warrant had the "judicial authority" to do so. Five of the seven Supreme Court justices decided it was indeed a valid arrest, so the extradition order stands.

However, it's still not entirely over. Assange's lawyers have 14 days to decide whether to challenge the ruling, although it appears the chances of Julian getting out of this one are fading fast. [The Register]

Image Credit: New Media Days