Awful Kinect-Powered "NUAds" Coming to Xbox 360 Before the Summer

By Gary Cutlack on at

Microsoft is set to launch its NUads system in the next few months, which offer a way to interact with and share TV adverts. Despite the fact that literally no one has ever wanted to do that.

According to Microsoft, the interactive ad format will "begin rolling out in late spring". The concept that advertisers love so much is the way the new advertising format lets players interact with ads, using Kinect to control and share the messages through social networks.

NUads was announced by Microsoft last year. It's launch event focused on a scenario in which users would see an ad on the Xbox 360 dashboard and purposefully decide to click on it, or wave at it, and have fun interacting with a major brand, sharing it with their friends. We doubt that would ever actually happen.

How about a game where you use Kinect to throw rubbish bins through the window of a local Starbucks? That'd do the same job of letting us have fun while interacting with a brand. [Cnet via The Verge]