B&O Just Beat Apple at Its Own Game With the World's First Apple HDTV

By Sam Gibbs on at

Meet the Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay V1. It’s the Danish ultra-premium electronics manufacturer’s latest foray into affordable TVs. When I say “affordable”, the 32-inch model is still a whopping £2000, so maybe affordable isn’t the right word. But the V1 range has a neat Apple-loving trick up its sleeve – it’ll swallow an Apple TV whole, turning it into the world’s first Apple HDTV, of sorts.

The Apple TV set-top box slots neatly into the back of the V1 with bespoke connections designed specifically for it. Once hooked up you’ve got a self-contained unit that’ll do everything an Apple TV can right now, which admittedly isn’t all that much in the UK unless you’re a Netflix subscriber or are fully integrated into the Apple universe.

The BeoPlay V1 comes in both 32- and 40-inch flavours, with the latter claiming an equally sizable £2,500 from your savings. They both come packing Samsung-powered side-lit LED 1080p panels clocked at 100Hz; five HDMI ports; a fancy learning remote, and even a USB port for connecting up a flash drive to play music or video off, if your Apple TV can’t do it all for you.

The V1’s other claim to fame is significantly better audio than your average TV, which you’d hope for that kind of price. It packs B&O ICE Power speakers, which should be cable of “replacing any speaker system you have in your house,” according to B&O’s CEO Tue Mantoni.

The V1 is encased in an industrial-looking steel cabinet and can be stood on a table, mounted on the wall or even hung from the ceiling if that’s your thing. It'll come in both black or white and will be available for purchase from tomorrow, for those of you with a not insignificant chunk of change burning a hole in your pocket. [Electric Pig]