BSkyB's Arse Saved by Netflix and LoveFilm in Movie Distribution Monopoly Investigation

By Gary Cutlack on at

The long-running investigation into BSkyB's possible monopoly of film services in the UK is over, with the Competition Commission finding that Sky doesn't have an unfair stranglehold on distributing Hollywood blockbuster movies in the UK, thanks in part to the new wave of digital streaming services.

It was only last month that we heard the arrival of Netflix and the continuing growth of its rival LoveFilm were added to the Competition Commission's case against BSkyB, and that's clearly had a rather huge effect on the investigation's findings, as it's now decided that no further action need be taken against Sky's position, which was previously thought to border on the anti-competitive/monopoly side of things.

Laura Carstensen, chairman of the Competition Commission investigation, said: "Competition between providers of movie services on pay TV has changed materially and, as a result of these changes, consumers now have much greater choice."

Which means Sky's new digital rivals have inadvertently saved its bacon. [Reuters]