BT Says 10m Homes Now Primed for Superfast Fibre Connections -- Is That You?

By Gary Cutlack on at

A triumphant press release from BT today claims it's ahead of schedule when it comes to rolling out its fibre broadband network in the UK, with some 10m homes now able to plump for the joy of faster internet. Which is great news, if you've won the broadband postcode lottery and live near a capable exchange.

BT says it had previously expected to hit its target of connecting 10 million premises to fibre by the end of 2012, meaning it's managed to hook some of us up quicker than others. Coupled with Virgin Media claiming to have a footprint covering some 13 million homes, we're getting near to having an acceptable modern broadband network.

But with plenty of exchanges still fibreless and ongoing money issues hindering the upgrading of less profitable parts of the network outside of big towns and cities, there's still a very, very long way to go before the UK can start to feel proud of its internet capacity, especially when contention and other issues are conspiring to bring average user speeds down in the real world. [BT]

Image credit: Fibre broadband from Shutterstock