Build Your Own Incredible, Fully-Working Gun Replicas In Lego With This Handy Guide

By Sam Gibbs on at

Screw over-priced Lego Technic cars, this is the ultimate teenage boy's Lego project -- fully working, full-sized Lego replicas of classic guns like the Desert Eagle, AK47 and Spas 12 combat shotgun from your favourite first-person shooter that you can build yourself.

I used to prat around with some sort of stick that vaguely resembled a gun shape when I was a kid, making pew pew or bang bang noises as I shot up my "robber" friends. If I'd known Lego could be used for more than building rubbish houses and following instructions to build a mediocre car for the best part of £100, things would have been so much better.

Then again, with something that looks as good as these beauties, you might get mistaken for wielding a real gun these days. The world is not what it used to be, I think you'd probably end up with a real bullet hole in you if you walked about the mean streets with one of these bad boys today. Best to just shoot your targets in doors then, while trying not to put dents in the walls of course.

Fancy trying your own hand at a build like this? You can pre-order the paperback (where's the ebook?) for later this month. [Kotaku]