Burglars Swipe £11,000 Worth of Raunchy Sex Toys

By Jon Partridge on at

A mail order company is feeling the opposite of complete ecstasy after finding out that more than 400 of their raunchy items, worth £11,000, were stolen after robbers penetrated their property in Worcestershire.

While I'm not sure if the perpetrators intended to rob a tonne of dildos or not, I doubt any of the people working at the company were particular buzzing after the crooks managed to fill up four suitcases of various sex toys. The eyebrow-raising goods were being stored in a flat in Gilgal in Stourport, which the company Happy Bunny operates out of. Police are hard on the case, and state that the premises were broken into at some time between 11:30pm last Wednesday and 9am the day after.

The police also went on to say that people should be on the look-out for a couple of interesting-looking suitcases alongside the other two black cases; one decorated with a bunch of flowers and the other having pink-and-black stripes on it. In light of the events that happened, I doubt that the Happy Bunny company are happy bunnies right now. In the meantime, people should also be on the lookout for some odd people selling sex toys out of suitcases in some strange, random places -- your local pub, perhaps? What better shopping destination for your personal needs? [The Guardian]

Image Credit: Young Woman With Hands On Cheeks via Shutterstock