Contactless Payments Coming to the Countryside, Thanks to Post Office NFC Roll-Out

By Gary Cutlack on at

The never-ending line of slow-moving eBay sellers in your local Post Office might soon shuffle along a little quicker, thanks to the Royal Mail's imminent launch of contactless payment options.

The arrival of the NFC tech will begin on June 6th, and should be complete and installed within all of the network's 11,500 branches, by October, which will make the Post Office the largest single provider of contactless payment options in all of Europe.

Finally, we will be best at something, and even those of us who live in teeny tiny little villages might soon get a chance to experience the wonder that is paying for a thing by waving our wallets or telephones dismissively at the cashier then striding out of the shop like kings.

Although the rate at which the price of stamps is going up means it won't be long before the cost of sending a letter exceeds the £20 contactless payment limit. [Guardian]

Image credit: Post Office from Shutterstock