Costa Orders Up a Free Wi-Fi-Shaped Beverage From O2

By Sam Gibbs on at

O2 and Costa have struck a deal to provide free-to-everyone Wi-Fi in every Costa shop across the land. The roll out will take all of 2012 to complete, but it's already started in London, expanding O2's Wi-Fi footprint across the country in its battle with the now Sky-owned The Cloud.

Like O2's other Wi-Fi hotspots you'll have to sign up once, but then you can simply log-on and taste the free waves of the internet. You'll be able to slurp down 30 minutes of Wi-Fi a day for free, but Costa Coffee Club members can get unlimited free access.

At this rate we'll have most of the UK town centres blanketed with Wi-Fi, which in the absence of 4G can't be a bad thing. Everyone loves a good bit of free Wi-Fi; let's just hope O2's got the backhaul to handle all your coffee-sipping Apprentice watching. [O2]

Image credit: flem007_uk from flickr