"Creative Eucharist" Encouraging Worship via the Medium of PlayStation3

By Gary Cutlack on at

Exeter Cathedral is totally getting down with the youth sector, offering a one-off gaming themed night of religious entertainment that'll use cult PS3 title Flower as the centrepiece of the holy experience.

Describing it as a "Creative Eucharist" of sorts, the service will see the congregation playing Flower collaboratively, with the game's relaxing music flooding the cathedral and making everyone... happy. Or sad. Or whatever emotion it is you're supposed to feel when in a church.

Wired journalist Andy Robertson, who's managing the interactive prayer session thing, said of the unlikely pairing of Jesus and the mind-warping console's silly little nature game: "Not only is it inclusive, in that everyone can participate, but it also visits themes of creation, nature and our response to the world."

The service will take place in Exeter Cathedral this Sunday, May 13th, at 7.00pm. In the meantime, you can see the TEDx talk which sparked the idea, down below. According to Robertson, who spoke to us via Twitter, the Cathedral attended the TEDxExeter event which was when they "solidified plans to bring a game to the Holy Ground service." [Wired via T3]

Image credit: Exeter Cathedral from Shutterstock.