Why Trying to Cross Train Tracks Is Sheer Suicide

By Sam Gibbs on at

Apparently around 50 people are squished on our railways every year while they try to cross or hang around on the metal roads. Network Rail's tried and failed in the past to educate people, but this time it's trying the shock and awe tactic, recruiting our 400m Olympic hurdler to do it too.

According to Network Rail, you've only got about 5 seconds to get out the way of a train by the time you actually hear it. I don't know about you, but my reactions aren't all that quick. Surely you must know you're asking for trouble pratting around on rail lines? One of them is electrified for goodness sake.

Still, this video might be just a tad over-the-top, especially as the way it's shot makes it look almost cool. You might find kids fancy their chances at beating Greene racing across the track, rather than get the message that you're blatantly not going to make it. [YouTube via Metro]