Despite What Lord Sugar Says, YouView's Pushing On Hard With In-Home Testing

By Sam Gibbs on at

We heard yesterday that Lord Sugar had essentially panned the YouView set-top box and said it just wasn’t ready for prime time. Although Sugar is technically the boss of YouView, it seems the rest of the YouView folks might disagree somewhat – some boxes are already out in the wild for testing, with thousands more coming soon.

According to Cnet, YouView hasn’t ruled out a pre-Olympics launch and is pressing ahead with testing as fast as possible. Thousands of lucky testers will be recruited “in the coming months” to put the service through its paces -- not exactly a May launch, but at least there's progress.

YouView does, in theory, present the ultimate streaming solution for our over-the-air TV services. Let’s just hope that it gets off the ground sooner rather than later, and actually delivers on its promise to “revolutionise” TV in the UK. [Cnet]