Do You Notice the Logo or the Name of These Brands?

By Casey Chan on at

Combining two logos into one brand can be a little inelegant, a bit awkward and most definitely forced, like making a sumo wrestler take trapeze classes. Just look at these mash up logos created by Tommaso Guerra, I don't know what I'm seeing anymore! What matters more in a brand, the name of the company or its former logo?

Is that Nike or Puma? Apple or Microsoft? With really strong logos, I don't even notice the company's name, my mind first registers the logo and ignores the name. But when I see the name is wrong, it sends my wrinkled brain into a frenzy, what is going on! Guerra combined logos from two companies in the same field to see which brand illusion was stronger and also, if they were actually any different. After all, big box corporations are big box corporations. [Tommaso Guerra via Logo Design Love]