Earn Smug London Eco Points by Walking Somewhere for Once

By Gary Cutlack on at

New mobile app re:route is doing its bit for the capital's health, issuing reward points to those who bravely walk and cycle about the place instead of using cars or public transport.

The app, available on iTunes but seemingly not yet on Android, combines a travel map with a rewards system, handing out points each time you go somewhere on foot or by bike rather than in a modern horseless carriage. It'll tell you where the London loan bikes are stored, also encouraging users to get off a stop or two early and walk the last chunk of a trip, should they not fancy conducting an entire trip manually.

The app also generates smugness stats about how many calories your trip burned and the amount of carbon you saved, while the points earned by travelling in an eco-friendly manner can be redeemed at some participating retailers and health clubs.

Transport for London is promoting the app across its network of stations, hoping it might help to slightly lessen the strain put upon the public transport system when the Olympics arrive this summer. [BBC via Smart Planet]