Egg-On-Face For Apple as It's Forced to Issue a UK Mac Pro Recall

By Sam Gibbs on at

All is not well with Apple's much loved, but aging Mac Pro line. Apparently a "small number" of the beastly, pricy towers were sold in the UK with dodgy data-erasing hard drives that'd totally ruin your day, forcing Cupertino to issue an embarrassing recall.

"Apple has determined that the hard drives in a small number of Mac Pro systems, built from late March to early April, have a reliability issue that could cause data loss. Our records indicate that the Mac Pro system you recently purchased may be affected. We would like to replace the drive that shipped with your system or, if you prefer, replace the entire Mac Pro system."

The Mac Pro line hasn't received any love from Apple for years now, causing many to speculate that Cupertino is planning to kill off the "professional" Mac.

This recall can only cement that thought in our minds, which should be terrifying for those video producers and other computing-heavy Mac users; you'll have to rely on the lowly iMac, or heaven forbid, switch to a Windows workstation to get things done. Oh the horror. [The Register]