Ever Fancied Taking Part In a Zombie Apocalypse?

By Jon Partridge on at

Well now you can, as SlingShot brings its self-dubbed 'city-wide zombie chase game' to various cities around the UK, allowing you to experience the thrill and horror of being chased by, well, zombies. With this awesome trailer setting the mood for the event, it looks like you could be in for a real treat, especially if the photos from the Bristol event below are anything to go by.

Titled 2.8 Hours Later, and a bit similar to the slightly-more-expensive, yet more self-contained shopping centre experience in Reading, the game is a wide, vast experience that lasts a little bit under three hours, and is set to tour various cities across the UK this year.

Rising from Bristol, SlingShot will set up a frightening scenario where players can lose themselves in the unlikely undead scenario of a zombie siege. The lucky still-alive are then required to use their minds and a map to navigate across the city to find the HQ, while trying to avoid the blood-thirsty zombies dotted along the way.

Winners and zombies-alike can then celebrate with a zombie disco -- complete with drinks and dancing, and probably a bit of Thriller. With Liverpool on target to be the next city for the zombie horde next week, the game is set to overtake the streets for a few days with tickets going for £29 and in conjunction with the Sound City Music Festival, you can face both the music and the undead in a discounted bliss for £58. Take a peak at Bristol's offering in the slideshow below, and get your wallets ready for the next zombie horde. [2.8 Hours Later]