We Upload Enough Rubbish to YouTube Every Two Hours, For a Whole Year's Non-Stop Watching

By Sam Gibbs on at

Everyone loves YouTube. You can easily upload your stuff, even right from your phone; watch it back on almost every platform, and best of all it's free. Now YouTube's just turned the ripe old age of seven, and in just 12 months we've uploaded a third more video every minute than last year. Instead of a puny 48 hours every 60 seconds, we now upload a colossal 72 hours of content every single minute of the day -- that's a year of constant viewing uploaded in just over two hours.

Most of that huge amount of video uploaded every minute has to be utter tosh of course, but there are a few gems hidden here and there -- enough to get us watching three billion hours of the stuff every month at least. [Google]