Facebook Has Begun Stuffing Instagram into Itself

By Sam Biddle on at

After casually dropping a billion one dollar bills into Instagram's bulging lap, we were wondering what Facebook would do to its new purchase. Here's the first step: you'll soon have Instagram filters on your Facebook app. Sepia.

The news comes, for some reason, from the Facebook Brazil page:

As part of our efforts to establish a better Facebook experience in all types of phones, we are very happy to announce that the Facebook application to any device now has filters sepia and black and white to your photos. Take a picture, play with the new filters and share them with your friends directly from your application. Download the app here

Translated, of course. It's probably safe to assume the mention of only sepia and B&W is a mistake or an omission—because those are probably the two most boring filters Facebook could have included. Or maybe it'll be a slow rollout? Black and white before Valencia? Shouldn't it all be the same? Now let's assume the Facebook mobile app will have all of the Instagram filters—then what happens to Instagram? [Facebook via TNW]