Fancy a Dirt-Cheap New Computer and a Year's Broadband For Just £159 All-In?

By Sam Gibbs on at

In need of a new computer and broadband connection? Can't stomach the hefty prices of fibre? How about the whole lot for just £159 for a year then? That's what Martha Lane Fox's new Get Online @ Home initiative is offering in an attempt to cut the cost of internet access across Britain.

It's a partnership between Microsoft, TalkTalk and Simplify Digital, and while you'll likely just get a refurbished Windows 7 box for £159, you do get a whole year's broadband thrown in too.

It's aimed at your Gran as well as charities and businesses that have yet to get online and can't stomach the high costs of computer equipment and decent internet connections. Under the new partnership TalkTalk will offer broadband with 40GB allowance a month, a free router and unlimited evening and weekend calls within the UK for just £5 a month. OK, you're not going to be breaking any speed records here, and you might have to deal with TalkTalk customer support, but not many of us are exactly rolling in it at the moment. [Telegraph]

Image credit: Computer from Shutterstock