Firefox App For Android Is Ready For Beta

By Jon Partridge on at

Mozilla has updated the Android version of their flagship browser to beta status, complete with a new interface and fresh code that has been baking in the oven for a few months.

While there aren't many new features introduced in the beta compared to the current stable release of the browser, one of the new main features is that it now supports Adobe Flash. The browser has also been optimised a helluva lot more, making pages load a lot quicker. A new splash page has been added for when you launch the browser, and zooming in on text is as smooth as butter. HTTPS has been added to Google searches, and developers can utilise a few new nifty API's that have been dropped in.

Of course there are a few niggles and teething problems, but it won't be long until our little portable Firefox has a full set of chompers and a burning mane to set the portable browsing world on fire. [CNET]