Goal-Line Tech Gets First Major Trial in Next Month's England Friendly

By Gary Cutlack on at

The goal-line sensor technology that could've made Frank Lampard even more pleased with himself is about to get its highest-profile test yet, with the Hawk-Eye system set to get a full workout next month in an England friendly.

The full trial of the goal-line tech will take place during England's friendly against Belgium at Wembley on June 2nd, although it'll be a closed test. Match officials won't have access to the data or be referring to it at all during the game, instead the results will be monitored and reviewed by FIFA's independent analysis panel during the match and over the following days.

The Hawk-Eye system uses six cameras inside the goalmouth to detect movement, but it's not yet the winner in the goal-line tech war. Rival format GoalRef is currently undergoing similar real-world tests, with a decision on which one to use, or whether to offer both, set to be made in July. [BBC]