Google Integrates Google+ Circles a Little Deeper into Gmail

By Gary Cutlack on at

Google has decided that Gmail needs to be even more complex and laden with social features, adding new Contacts display options to its search box and introducing searches for messages sent to specific Circles of people.

The changes are mostly apparent through the Search bar, which pops up more in the way of personal detail about the person you're looking for, should they have bothered supplying Google with their life story, photos and dental records. Start typing a name and you get their full Contacts page, rather than a simple email address.

The Circle search feature sees Google exposing its nerdy roots, asking users to type "Circle:" in the box, then the name designated to the group in Google+. Which will be useful for Gmail and G+ powers users, but probably not really going to be used or even known about by most.

The updates don't yet appear to have filtered out to UK-based Gmail accounts, as we're not seeing the new stuff at time of writing. Google said the changes should arrive for everyone "today" and that was last night US time, so it shouldn't be long. [Gmail via Lifehacker]