Google Planning Game Centre Style "Achievements" Mobile App?

By Gary Cutlack on at

Google is apparently preparing to launch some sort of social gaming tool for its Android software, bringing the winning of pretend trophies and the bragging about obtaining certain in-game achievements to its mobile OS.

The source, speaking to Business Insider, said of Google's move into offering more game-themed options: "They are starting to really understand all of the needs and wants to make a game really successful ... As recently as even a year ago, that really wasn't part of their institutional DNA, But I think they're getting there."

The lack of a tool like this on Android isn't such a big deal, with plenty of games already integrating the OpenFeint system of achievements and game sharing, which does all of what Apple's Game Centre suite does and more. How many people actually bother to use it is another matter, though, as OpenFeint is often implemented so clumsily people tend not to bother activating its features.

Maybe that's where Google's software skills could come in and tidy things up a little. [Business Insider via Apple Insider]