Grab a Free Track From Sainsbury's New MP3 Store

By Sam Gibbs on at

Sainsbury's has just launched its own MP3 download store taking the fight to the likes of Amazon, iTunes and even Tesco. Apparently it wants you to add a couple of tracks into your food basket as you do your groceries, and is even offering 'deal of the week' albums for a fiver -- maybe you should make music one of your five a day?

The store only has a lowly 2.3 million songs up for grabs, so it's not like you'll find everything under the sun at Sainsbury's. Then again single tracks cost just 89p and most albums will set you back £6.99, so it might be worth throwing in your music shopping list next time you're looking for something.

According to MusicWeek your first single track download will be free until May 6th, so it's probably worth jumping over there to grab the latest Stereophonics track or something. [MusicWeek via NME]