Guinness Book of World Records Hits Back At Jack White

By Jon Partridge on at

Jack White previously lashed out at the people behind the annual record book, ranting about how they denied his (apparently) rightful place as a holder of the world's shortest concert. I doubt the White Stripes were as sweaty as the above image after that one-note gig, but now the compilers behind the Guinness Book of World Records have responded to his comments about the sweat-free show.

Speaking to NME, the company has said that while the White Stripes were acknowledged for their shortest concert in the 2009 edition, they have since stated that after that record was made, they then received a large amount of applications from various bands and performers around the world for the same record. As they could hardly objectively measure the record, it's difficult to justify the record existing. Since then, the bookmakers have had to reject all sorts of 'shortest' records such as shortest song, shortest poem and so forth, and therefore have ceased listing these records in subsequent volumes.

The company, however, has asked White if he wanted to have a go at any of the other thousands of records that are listed in the book, and in fact he's actually going for 'most metaphors in a single concert'. A bit silly really. [NME]

Image credit: The White Stripes from Wikimedia Commons