Has Nokia Finally Made That TV Show Magic "Enhance That" Thing a Reality?

By Sam Gibbs on at

We might have been just a tad sceptical that Nokia's 41-megapixel-monster would be any good, image quality wise at least. But then who'd have thought that maxing it out at the full 41MP on a sensor the size of a microSD card would let you zoom in that far, and clearly still see what you're actually looking at. It's just like those TV cop shows where they go "enhance that" on the most horrendously low-res image ever, and by the miracle of TV you can actually see the perp's face.

Skip to the 3:50 mark onwards in the video above to see what I'm talking about. It's pretty impressive. OK, you can do that kind of thing with a decent, full-frame DSLR, but with a phone camera? Fit this thing in every CCTV camera in Britain and there'd be nowhere to hide. [YouTube via SlashGear]