Here's Radiohead's OK Computer and Kid A in Full 8-Bit Glory

By Jon Partridge on at

Let's jump back to the '80s for a second, where NES games were in full force and arcades were still populated with human beings. Hear that? Hear the sound of those bleeps and bloops? Glorious isn't it! Well, for a little bit of nostalgia mixed with some fantastic tunes, here's Radiohead's OK Computer and Kid A in 8-bit glory just like it's 1988.

Composer Quinton Sung recorded these tracks fully in 8-bit and each album sounds absolutely brilliant. Perhaps the next time you're playing Megaman, try throwing these tracks on and let the mood take you elsewhere whilst you blast robots. Check out a couple more songs too in 8-bit style over at the source and you can find some download links on the YouTube pages themselves. [AtEaseWeb]