Holographic ASDA Staff Made to Feel Welcome by Milton Keynes Shoppers

By Gary Cutlack on at

ASDA, home of the discounted doughnut and misshapen denim, is looking to the future of in-store information, after successfully replacing the mundane in-store tannoy announcement with new, holographic members of staff.

The idea was to have holographic members of staff greeting shoppers and informing them of how many doughnuts can he acquired for 99p today. Apparently this holographic system has been trialed in an ASDA branch in Milton Keynes since January, where shoppers allegedly embraced their new holographic in-store personnel.

Despite the successful trial, ASDA says it doesn't have any plan to roll out the holographic staff on a national basis just yet, although it would be a step up from the emotionless robots it usually has manning the tills and aisles. [Telegraph]