Home Economics: Now With Added Weed

By Sam Gibbs on at

The wonders of school days never cease to amaze me. Apparently a load of 14-year-olds had to be taken to hospital, after one bright spark thought it'd be a good idea to shove a load of weed into his brownie mix while in a cookery lesson.

After baking the brownies, the unnamed pupil of All Saints College in Newcastle proceeded to scoff the lot with his classmates. Their teacher realised what had happened after they started acting up and called the police and paramedics. Six kids were karted into hospital, but no lasting effects were found (as you might expect). They were later discharged without issue.

Things didn't look quite so rosy for the master baker though, who ended up getting arrested and expelled from the school. Four others who joined in on the munching-fest were also suspended, which seems a little harsh to me -- you just can't keep kids away from a good brownie or three now can you?

I don't remember baking anything that exciting in home economics when I was a kid. Come to think about it, I don't really remember anything about home economics. Maybe it was all the brownies. [Telegraph]

Image credit: Brownie munching kid from Shutterstock