Hospital Live Blogs Actual Brain Surgery (and You Can Watch Video Live Right Now, Too)

By Sam Gibbs on at

There are some things that shouldn't be live blogged -- deathly-dull financials from a sewage treatment company; live births, and, err, maybe brain surgery? Seems a hospital in Houston thinks that live blogging an operation on some poor chap's brain is the right thing to do, and hell, it's got me intrigued, if a little bit weirded out. It's posting videos (like the hideous one where they're drilling into the guys head above), photos and text updates live on its Twitter feed: "Stand by… first incision".

You can follow the action as it happens by hitting the Houston Hospital Twitter feed or landing on the Memorial's CoverItLive page. Be warned though, I think things are going to get rapidly graphic.

Apparently the guy under the knife consented to all this. I'm not sure I'd want the whole world to see inside the top of my head, but whatever floats his boat, I guess. [Twitter via Guardian]