How Much Does It Take to Get a Cab From London to Sydney?

By Jon Partridge on at

A trio of friends are set to arrive back in London soon after navigating the world in a 20-year-old black cab, complete with a mortgage-inducing fare of £80,000 for their London to Sydney journey.

At least, that would have been the price of the journey if they were being billed, of course. Instead, university friends Paul Archer, Johno Ellison and Leigh Purnell travelled the globe in their £1,500-eBay-bought taxi, named Hannah, and are due to head to Covent Garden for their last taxi ride on Friday. When they arrive, they will have covered over 40,000 miles, spanning four continents and 50 countries including Russia and Iraq since they departed in February last year. The video above was taken before they left and details their classic cab and the reasons behind their epic journey.

The gang also believe they have set a record for the world's highest taxi journey, after driving to the base camp of Mount Everest. But the trip hasn't been all smiles, as the three of them have had a fair few incidents during the journey. After being arrested in Moscow, and also detained by the Iranian Secret Police, they got stuck on the border of Moldova due to visa issues, but somehow managed to get into the country as one of their mates' mums knew the President. Of course.

The group also raised £20,000 for the Red Cross, meaning all those miles added up to an amazing journey with many stories to tell and a decent chunk of money for a good cause. [BBC and AOL Travel]