How to Cram an Entire Room into a Box

By Oobject on at

Somewhere in the grey area between architecture and gadgets lies the room-in-a box—an unholy chimera of comfortable seating and multi-tool functionality. Our friends at Oobject have assembled twelve of the best-designed examples of these portable domiciles.

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Casulo room in a box.

Lounge in a Box.

Planet 3 Studios: office in a box.

Z Box by Dan Hisel.

Mobile wooden venue by Cristina Monteiro.

Toshihiko Suzuki architectural furniture.

Sleepbox, a tiny room in a box, for airports and stations.

Portable Room in a Box.

Shopping Cart Pop Up Camper.

My Space fold up play space.

Boxetti Bedroom in a Box.

Pull-Out Dining Room.