HP Gives Me Hope We Can Finally Live That One-Cable-to-Rule-Them-All World I've Been Dreaming About

By Sam Gibbs on at

It's all fine and dandy having fancy super-thin displays that you can mount on the wall, but you've always got an absolute mess of cables to deal with. Even if you have just one HDMI cable running up there, you've still got to get power to it. If we can't do serious wireless power, at least HP's taking a step forward with its partnership with 3M. Its new all-in-one-type 18.5-incher needs just one cable for everything, including power.

It uses 3M's new One Wire technology, which is essentially power-over-ethernet. All you need is an ethernet cable for power and networking meaning one cable and plug will do you, if you connect the rest of you gubbins via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, I guess.

Unfortunately there's a catch, and it's a biggie in your hopes for the one-cable-to-rule-them-all computer for the home: it's just a thin client, which basically means you'll never actually buy it. It runs on an ARM processor and takes its computing power from a central server, just like in the good ol'days of the mainframe.

Still, it at least shows that we're making progress towards the holy grail of a single cable for everything (if wireless everything just isn't possible). I had hoped that Apple and Intel would shove power into Thunderbolt for that genuinely do-everything cable, but it looks like power-over-ethernet is the closest we're going to get. I just hope HP and co hurry up and get it into consumer-targeted stuff; a TV can't be far off a thin client, surely? [Dvice]