HTC One X Sales Multiplied by Two Million (Updated)

By Gary Cutlack on at

Despite some weird hardware problems, a rather dubious battery life and the looming threat of Samsung's imminent Galaxy S III, quite a lot of people have opted to lock themslevs into using HTC's quad-core One X phone for the next year or two.

The sales data comes from HTC's Facebook page, upon which the phone maker has put up a fairly poorly edited image of a One X with the number 2,000,000 stuck on its display, along with the message "Thank you. Times two million."

Which we're assuming means two million people around the world are now enjoying the quad-core 4.7" phone. Or perhaps whoever updates HTC's social sites is just having a very good day. [HTC via HTCPedia]

Updated: HTC has updated its Facebook page, clarifying that it's actually two million "likes" the company is celebrating. How dull. [Thanks, Tom and Darrell!]