I Badly Want This Awesome VW Floating Car Concept For the Next Beetle to Be Real

By Sam Gibbs on at

We've been promised sci-fi-style futuristic cars for ages, but sadly all we got landed with so far was the Prius. Apart from the I, Robot Audi, most of them do some sort of flying or floating, replacing land-loving tires all together. Volkswagen's new "People's Car" concept is no exception, making the next generation of the humble Beetle float with the power of magnets.

The "car" concept is the result of contest in China to crowd source what the next generation of cars should look like. Ok, it's just a bubble, but it's meant to be the super-mini of the floating car world, not the pedal-powered Ferrari of flyers.

Unfortunately the most future-looking cars we get here are just standard wheel-driven electric cars like the Vauxhall Ampera or the Tesla Model S, although at least Google's having a good stab at the automated variety. The future of floating cars is seemingly still a long way off, sadly. [YouTube via Stuff]