I Wish I Had This Barman's Absolutely Insane Skills

By Sam Gibbs on at

Quite a lot of cocktail barmen think their "flair" is the dogs, but I reckon no one is even a scratch on this chap from the Ukraine. Those are some truly amazing skills -- it's more like watching a master juggler pour you a drink than some cocky barman trying to impress the ladies while making you wait ages for your beverage.

If that's the kind of genuine talent they get on Ukraine's version of Britain's Got Talent maybe their version is actually worth watching. If he started doing that in at the bar while I was waiting for a drink, I'd be impressed for the first 30 seconds for sure, but when the drink didn't turn up within a minute or so, the magic and wonder would be quickly lost followed by shouts of "stop prating around and pour me my damn drink!" [YouTube via The Next Web]