If You Wanted a Blue Samsung Galaxy S III You Might Have a Long Wait (Update)

By Sam Gibbs on at

Seems like the "blue pebble" variant of the awesome Samsung Galaxy S III is going to be pretty rare for the time being. Samsung's having difficult making them, and it's been forced to delay a wider launch because of short supplies.

Apparently the pesky blue battery cover is defective, with Samsung having to bin over 600,000 of the things delaying production of the Galaxy S III. Presumably the door won't stay on, which would be a bit of an issue if the battery kept dropping out mid-call, or worse, mid-game.

The white one is apparently relatively plentiful, but if you're anything like me, white's a no-go. There are some supposedly blue ones about, but good luck finding one. [Tweakers.net via Phandroid]

Update: We've had a tip from an anonymous, yet reliable, source confirming that, just as we feared, the pebble blue Galaxy S III will be delayed here in the UK, even for those with pre-orders. If you're looking for a Galaxy S III any time soon in the UK, white is your best hope. Maybe it's worth changing your pre-order just to get it within the next couple of weeks?