Insanely Detailed Lego Land Rover Even Includes Working Disc Brakes

By Andrew Liszewski on at

If you needed yet another reminder that you're far from being a Lego master builder, check out 'Sheepo's' mind-blowingly awesome 1:8.4-scale Land Rover Defender 110 built from over 2,800 pieces. It could probably endure an off-road adventure better than your compact car.

As with any Lego creation that's worth its weight in bricks—in this case almost seven pounds—Sheepo's Land Rover is even more impressive underneath its detailed body which can be easily removed with just four pins. It has fully functional steering, a five-speed transmission with reverse, two-wheel and four-wheel drive modes for serious off-roading, full suspension, and working disc brakes on every wheel. It even has a top speed of almost two and a half miles per hour, which, admittedly, would probably seem more impressive to Lego scale drivers.

And even though it's a custom design, Sheepo has posted it on Lego's Cuusoo site where there's a chance it could be made into an actual set if it receives 10,000 votes. So if you want one to call your own, head on over there and add your support. [Sheepo's Garage via Autoblog]