Internet Troublemaker David Thorne's Excellent Floodlight Revenge

By Gary Cutlack on at

Poor old "funny troller" David Thorne found himself victim of yet another frustrating scenario, when his neighbour installed a terawatt security lamp that illuminated his bedroom with "the light of a thousand suns". So David took the bulb out and put it in his neighbour's post box. More than once.

The full email correspondence is documented over on David's 27b/6 blog, which reveals the full frustrations of dealing with slightly stupid local people, including such gems as "Did you take our lamp again asshole?" and the precise reply of "No, I did not take the light again. I relocated it again."

The neighbour eventually relented and installed a less intense bulb, threatening to press charges should David ever trouble his external electrics again. [27b/6 -- Thanks, Token!]