Iran Laughs In the Face of the Flaming Malware Menace

By Sam Gibbs on at

Iran's been hit pretty hard by the latest malware scourge, Flame, which is described by some as Stuxnet on steroids. The country's not taking this lying down though, and it's fighting back. It's brought the smackdown on the pesky computer bug, and reckons it's got the skills to kill it off, no biggie.

It's meant to be one of the most complex cyber attacks ever created, and certainly has a lot of the governmental IT bods about the globe worried about a potential to spread to their infrastructure. However, Iran's Nation Computer Emergency Response Team says it has the tools to find and eradicate the menace from infected computers, and has had them since early May -- let's just hope it shares them with the world.

It's still not clear who came up with the groundbreaking Flame, probably some super-secret government organisation, or the beginnings of Skynet, of course. [BBC]

Image credit: Punch from Shutterstock