Kim Dotcom Is Still Being A Massive Pain In The Arse

By Jon Partridge on at

Ah Kim Dotcom. The man of many talents, and the brains behind MegaUpload, continues to stir the headlines around the internet, and as the story continues through the many twists and turns, Kim Dotcom's lawyer has now stated that he will only hand over the passwords to his encrypted data as part of a "proper judicial process". Hmmm.

The FBI has accused Dotcom of racketeering and a fair bit of copyright infringement, yet he is still resisting extradition to the USA and is wanting the return of his computers and property that were seized back in New Zealand by the police. But while agreeing some of the property seized is relevant to the case, such as his computer of course, he is also arguing that most of the seized goods are irrelevant, and is demanding them back. His lawyer has also told New Zealand's High Court that his computer is encrypted and he would only hand over passwords if he can also access the data.

Of course, this is all apparently necessary for Dotcom's legal defence; his lawyer has also requested that access to the information should be handled by the court and that all private information needs to be protected. I'm not sure about you, but it all sounds a fair bit fishy to me. [The Register]