Larry Page Lives Out His Borg Fantasies Once Again, in New Google Glasses Demo

By Gary Cutlack on at

Google's Larry Page tried once again to convince a disbelieving world that Google's bonkers augmented reality glasses (a) look good and (b) are of any use, delivering a talk at the company's latest Zeitgeist gathering while wearing the technical spectacles.

Page referred to this one as a "Google Glass" as he only had one active lens in the thing. He also didn't really do anything particularly exciting apart from apparently take a photo of the crowd, instead leaping into Google's current projects list and telling the crowd all about search enhancements and the company's driverless car concepts.

Check out the full video of Page rocking the mic on the Zeitgeist site. It's like Adam Yauch never died and just started doing his hair a bit different. [Zeitgeist via Slashgear]