Leaked Schematics Confirm Apple's Working on a 4-Inch iPhone 5

By Sam Gibbs on at

We saw some leaked iPhone cases yesterday, showing the iPhone 5 with an aluminium back. Now we're being treated so some supposedly leaked schematics out of Apple, which are meant to be for the iPhone 5 showing that it will indeed have the much rumoured 4-inch screen upgrade.

If the schematics are to be believed, the screen will be roughly 16:9 and about 4-inches on the diagonal. The FaceTime front-facing camera seems to have been moved above the speaker grill too, so it can look right into your ear.

There's no way to tell whether these blueprints are legit, or whether they're actually of the incoming iPhone 5 -- they could just be for one of Apple's random prototypes. Still, it's another bit of evidence in the corner of a larger screened iPhone. I just hope Apple can keep the dimensions of the device small, so that I won't have to do some Olympic thumb stretching to get to things on the screen, just like you have to on the current crop of massive Android phones. [Cydia Blog via 9to5Mac]