LG's Fancy New Full HD 5-Inch Phone Display Has an Absolutely Insane Pixel Density

By Sam Gibbs on at

Move over Retina Display, there's a new high-resolution beast in town and it's made by LG. It's the world's first 1080p full HD 5-inch display with a whopping 440ppi density, which totally annihilates everything else, including the iPhone 4S's puny 326 ppi Retina Display.

Of course that's a way higher pixel density than you actually need to see it as "pin-sharp", but it'll play anything your full HD TV will, at full size, pixel-by-actual-pixel. The tiny panel is based on AH-IPS, which should mean viewing angles are really great too.

There's no word on when we'll actually get to see this beauty in phones, but I suspect a display of this calibre won't just be limited to LG handsets. 5-inches might be a bit too big for my hands normally, but I'm pretty sure I could just about handle it -- anything to get my mitts on that kind of colossal, eye-bleeding pixel density. [Ubergizmo]